The staff today consists of 18 employees (nurses, cooks,
house keepers, care takers, a driver, a secretary and an
accountant) 7 of whom live at the orphanage.

The orphanage also welcomes volunteers during different
period of the year from France, Great Britain and Canada
who actively participate in the orphanage's daily life,
bringing precious help for scool work, secretarial duties or
to health education for small children.
The Indian menagement committee has about ten people who look after the administrative and
financial management of the orphanage. This committee is the contact with the state authorities and
is presided aver by the orphanage's director.
Each year the committee sends out to its sponsors and donors a financial and moral report.

The Indian government performs an annual inspection of the orphanage through its social
welfare department (equivalent of your SÚcuritÚ social) visiting the orphanage each year and
giving its approval for one year only and with no financial help.
The funging of the orphanage (investment and maintenance) is therefore mainly dore by the
French association AAVO managed by 5 - 7person volunteer committee.