06 h : Children wake up and go to terrace for a
yoga training.

07 h : Morning's prayer, news by Andrea and
breakfast (typically rice pancake and fruits).

07 h 45 : Leaving to school by bus or by cycle.

12 h : Come back to orphanage to lunch (curry,
fruits, vegetable).
14 h : Afternoon at school.

17 h : Come back home and snack.

17 h 30 : Homework wich voluntaries and
sometimes wich teachers then music, games,
reading .

19 h 30 : Diner and washing-up.

20 h 30 : Evening's prayer.
Youngert go to sleep. Others read, finish their
homework, sometimes watch TV, play, sing or
listen to music. But most of them chat.

When it is a birthday : staying up late with cakes,
presents from "Mum" or sent by sponsors,
dances ...

22 h : Sleeping.