From May to August 2006, we spent 3 months in the orphanage Annai Velanganni where we
were welcomed very warmly by sister Andréa and the 65 children.
This period corresponds to the holidays for the children going to the French lycée of
Pondicherry. Those who go to the Indian school were already on holidays since the beginning
of April.
For us, the thing was to be with the children, to discover them, to know them through their
daily life, also animating different activities and at the some time doing small services in the
house: accompanying the children to the outdoor day centre during May then on June and
July singing with the youngest, embroidering with the girls, school help, letters to the
godfathers and mothers, watching the"swimming pool", guiding when they were coming out
sometimes, games etc.
The children going to the Indian school took up again on June, those going to the French
lycée on July 18; the children then were absent during the day, we accompanied them to the
different schools and in the evening we helped them for the lessons and homeworks.
It was a time of discovery, adaptation, "mutual taming"in the daily life. We have also lived
great times which put the house in big turmoil: the celebration of the girls, the visit of the
bishop... and we have admired the sense of organization and responsabilities of the big ones
towards the small ones. It was happiness to see them singing, dancing
(numerous girls learn the barata nathyam taught by a former girl of the house)
We still are often in thought with the children and sister Andréa... till we come back to see

Joseph et Michèle Duboeuf - Dijon
Repas de midi.
La fête des Mères.
La cuisine.
Enfants autour d'un puzzle.
Devant l'orphelinat.
Après la messe à Notre Dame des Anges.
On attend l'arrivée de l'évêque.
On arrive à l'église Notre Dame des Anges.
Les confirmés devant la cathédrale.
C'est la fête au centre aéré.
L'évêque arrive.
Tout le monde est prêt.
L'école a repris.
Reprise au lycée français.
Marie-Claire et Vanisha partent à l'école.
Jeux ...
La fête des jeunes filles.
Au jardin botanique
Sur les balançoires du jardin.
Pour rafraîchir.
Piscine devant la maison.