Our most urgent needs
Until now, sposoring just covers the orphanage's
working budget but doesn't allow for unforeseen
Calls for exeptional donations have been
launched when a special need arises (recent
example : the replacement of the scool bus).
At the present, the orphanage is facing two main
problems : a decrease in sponsors, in spite of our
efforts (death, unemployment, stoppage) and an
increase in orphanage's average age which means
increased daily and training costs ( in a
inflationary context).

From now on, what needs to be done :
- reniewal of sanitories
- a spring clean of the premises (painting)

- replacing the fence and repairing the terrace so that childrens can safety play
- renewing the bedding
- computeur equipment.
We hope to achieve these objectives thank's to an
increase in financing deriving from :
- Research of new sponsors and donors.
- Update the amount of money give by sponsors; some
have not increased their amounts for several years.
- Development of company, foundation or association
- Different money raising activities selling of cakes and
Indian craft (some of which have been made by the
older children in the orphanage.
In different region concert are programmed, the profit from which will go to the orphanage.
A few of these steps have been taken and results are positive.